The Gazette covers City Hall, now a flood-damaged icon on May's Island in the Cedar River

Prosser doesn’t want to spend for an assistant city manager; instead he gets an assistant to the city manager

In City Hall on May 29, 2008 at 2:19 pm

Sandi Fowler, the city’s neighborhood liaison, has been promoted to the position of assistant to the city manager, a move that puts her title in line with all the duties she has been performing.

Early after the arrival of City Manager Jim Prosser in August 2006, Fowler was moved from the Community Development Department into the city manager’s office. It was a signal that Prosser cared about neighborhoods.

In her new position, she will earn $66,726 a year. Her old salary was $60,548.

Fowler says she will continue to be responsible for activities related to the neighborhoods. But she now also will coordinate customer service and strategic planning for the city.

“Producing results regarding interdepartmental effectiveness and the city’s responsiveness to citizens are expected to be high priorities for my work,” Fowler says.

A committee advising the City Council on City Hall reorganization recommended a year ago that the city consider hiring an assistant city manager to help Prosser. However, Prosser said then he did not want to hire an assistant city manager at a time when the city was cutting postions.

The cost of an assistant city manager likely would be double what Fowler will receive as an assistant to the city manager.



  1. It’s great to see how the City is saving the taxpayers all this money by cuttting all these city jobs. Now if you believe this I have some swamp land in AZ I want to sell you………………..

  2. Rick,
    Thanks for the last line. Just the facts, of course.

  3. The City is “cutting” positions but the City Manager is getting an assistant. I imagine numerous “cut” employees and voters are furious. I’m not taking a position whether this was the correct decision but it certainly looks bad. Possibly at election time the voters will “cut” some City Council members.

  4. gs, I wonder if I wrote this thing clearly enough. Is it possible that the city manager finally puts the right title on the same staffer who has been doing more for many months than her job title called for?

  5. Mr. Smith, given that I’m not privy to all of the facts I think only you will be able to answer the question. I suspect that few in the community have a better understanding of facts than you. If Ms. Fowler was quoted accurately and in context it appears she has new responsibilities and if these new duties assist Mr. Prosser then I think you probably did a professional job in characterizing her as an “assistant”. Even if the article stressed a “new title” I still believe people will be upset when a key City employee who presumably is leading the charge to cut staff, tighten belts, work smarter, do more with less, etc. is apparently getting their work load lightened. Some might perceive this as unfair or hypocritical. Again, I’m not taking a position and this change may in fact be in the best interest of the City but it looks bad.

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