The Gazette covers City Hall, now a flood-damaged icon on May's Island in the Cedar River

Where’s the cops? Cedar Valley Neighborhood says there’s more to Southeast Cedar Rapids than Wellington Heights

In City Hall, Neighborhoods, Police Department on June 6, 2008 at 1:05 pm

The city’s new police chief, Greg Graham, was on the job one day this week when City Hall heard via letter from Ron Sims, the Cedar Valley Neighborhood Association. Sims was protesting what he said was the absence of police patrols in the Cedar Valley neighborhood, the Rompot Street SE area in the city’s far southeast quadrant.

Sims reported a “large fight” on Rompot Street SE on June 2, a fight that featured what he called “hand-held weapons.” He said it took 15 minutes to get a police squad car into the neighborhood, and he suggested the reason was that the Police Department was using its officers for other southeast Cedar Rapids neighborhoods.

Sims said police patrols in Cedar Valley have been non-existent for the last six months.

“This neighborhood is in need of daily patrols like we had a year ago because the problems are mounting to serious limits,” he said. “… We do want to see a black and white patrol car drive through daily.”

He said police officers provide great service when they get there. But he said he wanted to see preventive patrols, not just reaction when something blows up.


  1. Maybe we should have kept the helicopters after all?

  2. Where are the cops? I don’t know. They certainly are not protecting the bicyclists. Recently in the Gazette I read an entitled “CR Pushes to be bicycle-friendly city” I laughed and thought this would be the equivalent of trying to push a rope up a jagged cliff. I am delighted the City is pursuing this course of action and I wish it the best. I personally believe that certain Cedar Rapids motorists have hostile attitudes toward bicyclists (especially when the bicyclists are on the road) and these attitudes will be difficult to change notwithstanding the fact that I.C. §321.234 provides that “A person…riding a bicycle on the highway…has all the rights and duties…applicable to the driver of a vehicle”. However the questionable actions by select motorists towards bicyclists (shouting obscenities, throwing objects at, swerving at, pulling out in front of, tailgating and passing the bicyclists in dangerous proximity to the bicyclists, etc.) will be less difficult to change if the CRPD consistently enforced existing applicable laws. I have on numerous occasions observed no response by the CRPD as they witnessed motorists tailgate and/or pass bicyclists in dangerous proximity to bicyclists. Possibly (a) these inconsistent enforcement actions are isolated incidents and are not likely to be repeated, (b) not every officer on the CRPD is aware of the applicable law, (c) the CRPD does not have the resources to enforce the laws or (d) the CRPD has other priorities. In any event, in the quest to become a bicycle friendly city I encourage the City Administration and Council to start by asking the CRPD for an explanation.

  3. Motorists do not like bicylcists beause they are a hazard to all on the road. Every study that has been done for the city regarding bicycle lanes have proven that they are not safe for either the cyclists, motorists or pedestrians. Next.

  4. I’m a motorist and I know lots of motorists and we don’t believe a bicyclist is a hazard to all on the road. I believe a bicyclist might be a hazard to a small animal or a pedestrian but I feel safe saying that a bicyclist running into (or being run over by) a car, truck or semi is not a significant hazard to them. At most you might need to have a dent taken out of your bumper or wash the bicyclist’s blood off your car, but I think your airbag will deploy and you should be relatively safe. If “hazard” is the issue then the only vehicles that should be on the roads are semis driven by licensed professionals. Next.

  5. Maybe we should look at bringing the helicopter back into play plus add more Officers.What would help in the meantime is if more citizens would get involved and start reporting crimes instead of looking the other way.Our Police force is doing the best job that they can but they can’t be everywhere at once.

  6. If it took them only 15 mins. and it was all the way down in Rompot. Thats good!, it takes that long and they are always in my area.

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