The Gazette covers City Hall, now a flood-damaged icon on May's Island in the Cedar River

The coming Highway 30 resurfacing project through Cedar Rapids isn’t city’s first Obama economic-stimulus victory

In IDOT on March 6, 2009 at 9:37 am

It’s not easy identifying the first road project in the Cedar Rapids area that will be funded by the Obama administration’s new, $789-million economic stimulus bill.

In recent weeks, Cathy Cutler, district transportation planner in Cedar Rapids for the Iowa Department of Transportation, told the metro area’s Corridor Metropolitan Planning Organization that Highway 30 through much of Cedar Rapids will be resurfaced in the months ahead, and that might be one project to grab stimulus-package funding.

On Friday, Cutler said the Highway 30 project is moving quickly ahead, but “regular” federal road funding will pay for it, not new federal funding from the stimulus package.

She thought two bridge projects in Benton County in the county west of Cedar Rapids might be the first IDOT projects in the Cedar Rapids area to use stimulus-package funds once they arrive.

The state agency and the commission that oversees it are still trying to sort out what is what as the federal rules evolve, Cutler said.

In any event, the IDOT will let bids on March 17 on a project to resurface 5.49 miles of four-lane Highway 30 between Stoney Point Road SW and Kirkwood Boulevard SW. The expected cost is $3.5 million, with the work slated to be done this construction season, Cutler reported.

She said most of the resurfacing will be an overlay of hot asphalt, those some spots will see cement patches.

Cutler said the IDOT also will improve the C Street SW off-ramp on Highway 30 this summer, an improvement that will include an additional lane of traffic leading up to the off-ramp.


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