The Gazette covers City Hall, now a flood-damaged icon on May's Island in the Cedar River

It’s not lonely being the only person in mayoral race: Corbett pioneers new City Hall campaign tactic, You Tube video he calls ‘Corbett TV’

In City Hall, Ron Corbett on April 7, 2009 at 2:43 pm

For now — still seven months from the Nov. 3 election — Ron Corbett has the mayoral race all to himself.
And he’s working to make the best of it.

On Tuesday, Corbett unveiled what seems to be a first for a Cedar Rapids City Hall election: It’s his own You Tube video that he calls “Corbett TV.”

Watching Corbett TV, it’s hard to imagine You Tube videos aren’t going to become part of other local election campaigns in the months ahead as candidates try to see if they get some traction and visibility for free.

Corbett says he’d like to have a string of videos on his campaign Website,, for voters to take a look when they sit down to make a decision on whom to vote for next fall.

In two videos released on Tuesday, Corbett continues his assault on what he calls “the culture of delay” at City Hall.

This time, the 48-year-old vice president at trucking firm CRST Inc. is standing in front of the flood-damaged Ellis Park swimming pool and lamenting that it will not open this summer after all. In a second video, he stands in front of the damaged Tree of Five Seasons and says too little is being done to put the city back together again.

In regard to the Ellis pool, the City Council in recent months had urged city staff to hustle with repairs to the pool so it could open this summer. The council thought opening the pool would have a symbolic benefit and would show that the city is getting back on its feet. A week ago, though, the council learned that repairs could not be made in time for this season.

In his video, Corbett says:

“This pool will be closed for 2009 because of the indecision and the culture of delay that is within or City Council. They have let the homeowners down of this community, they have let the businesses down of this community, they have let the veterans down in this community, and now they’re letting down the children of this community.”

Corbett said he will get the pool open in 2010 if he’s elected mayor.

  1. Ron is active. Active is realted to action. Action is divergent and not realted to delay.

    There is a difference between proceeding carefully and delay.

    Linn County is in its buildings on the island. Once Councilperson told me that there is much less damage at the County buildings on the island because the Vet’s Memorial took the brunt of the flood and protected the County buildings from greater damage.

    I guess the River magically regenerated its wrath and then knocked down the railroad bridge.

    They might be right. We will all decide that in November.

  2. This just goes to show you that Ron Corbett is concerned about everyone in Cedar Rapids and not just a certain group.As Mayor,
    I know that Ron will work to get things done on a timely basis
    instead of saying we need to get this or that done and then not
    follow thru on it.Just look back to the petition drive for the
    change in City Government,Ron got right out there to help get the
    necessary signatures.
    If we want to move forward as a city,instead of just being at a
    standstill all the time,then we NEED Ron Corbett as Mayor.He won’t
    let the present Council’s unnecessary spending spree continue.
    Come November,let’s put the “Big C”,Ron Corbett in City Hall as

  3. And the new form of government has been SO effective.

  4. The Gazette has a story today on “Backyard Chicken advocates take up the cause in Iowa City” And it reports there is a growing national movement among people iving in cities wanting to raise chickens, among them New York City, Los Angeles, & Seattle.

    Alicia Koch, 26 of Iowa City “I think that issues like food self-sufficiency are steps in the right direction toward sustainability”.

    Do we have a “chicken gap” here in Cedar Rapids? Do we need a “chicken consultant” to guide us thru the process? How about a series of open houses and public comment sessions? Where do we hold it, the Five Seasons ballroom or KFC? And who will be the desiganted council liasion on this imporatnt issue?

    According to young Ms. Koch, a sustainable community would probably need to be 1) green 2) crisscrossed with bicycle paths and 3) chicken raising friendly.

  5. Have the other mayorial canidates taken a stand on this chicken gap?

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