The Gazette covers City Hall, now a flood-damaged icon on May's Island in the Cedar River

Rumor mill is right: Linn Supervisor Langston says she is considering suggestions that she run for Cedar Rapids mayor

In City Hall, Linda Langston on May 4, 2009 at 4:12 pm

Linn County Supervisor Linda Langston says she’s been asked to consider running for mayor of Cedar Rapids, “so I’m considering it,” she says.

Langston commented on Monday after she was asked about rumors that she might try a go at the mayor’s race.

She said she would make a decision soon.

“I really like the job I’m doing now, but I’m not ignoring the other,” Langston said. “Someone said, ‘This decision is yours, but you really got to want it.’

“And I’m not entirely sure at this point in time if I really want it. I am happy with the job I am presently doing. But I have not completely written off the consideration that other people have asked me to take seriously.”

Langston, a Democrat, said she is getting much of the push from other Democrats.

What she mostly needs right now, she said, is information. She said she’s developed a sense of what people want in a mayor and where they want the city to go as she has attended community gatherings and neighborhood meetings.

Now she said she is trying to figure out, “Is there any aspect of my alignment and interest that fits with the broader community?” she said.

Langston noted that Cedar Rapids’ form of government is not a strong-mayor form: The mayor is one of nine votes on the council.

“And the challenge is constructing what I would think of as a working consensus,” she said. “And when you don’t know the other players …”

The reference to players is a recognition that six of the nine council seats, including the mayor’s seat, are up for reelection in November.

“I consider myself a good consensus-builder, but it’s still a tough time. It’s a tough time to consider this,” Langston said.

She said she will decide quickly to put an end to the rumor mill that is churning now over her possible mayoral bid.

Ron Corbett, vice president at trucking firm CRST Inc. and former state Republican legislator, previously has announced his candidacy for mayor.

“Clearly, Ron is very committed to this,” Langston said. “Whether I am in or out of this race, I have absolutely every belief that Ron is in it for the long haul.”

  1. i remember when linda told us that she would move when they were redrawing district line for her job, because she did not want ot give it up. there is no way she is going to take a pay cut for more work unless someone has told her its a launching for bigger and better things. if so, think again Linda. the whole pay raise for less work thing fiasco is going to be your Achilles heel.

  2. Langston is the person that went on national tv during the flood and said she had spent a week with the flood stud(Dave Koch). That is surely what we want for a mayor to follow in the steps of Sleepy.

  3. Just decide no Mrs.Langston.You made the mistake,along with two of the other Supervisors,of lying to us about not taking the cutting your salaries,before you got elected,then trying to keep your old salary after you got elected.We need a Mayor that we can believe in,not one who will continue to lie to us.

  4. My goodness, can you imagine Linda & Monica Vernon in the same room toghether, one trying to outtalk the other? Welcome to the era of the 4-5 agenda item, six hour long council meeting. The toughest question in the Mayor’s debate alone would be – “Make your point in two minutes or less”.

  5. Lets see… Ran the Linn County History Center into bankruptcy, took a vacation in Hawaii on the taxpayer’s dime, slandered the Cedar Rapids Public Safety Commissioner and used county taxdollars to defend herself and render an undisclosed settlement. Lowering her salary to get re-elected and then raising it after the election stinks to high heaven too. Linda almost lost a primary for her current seat, so who exactly are the Democrats asking her to run? They certainly cannot be from around here.

  6. Maybe she misunderstood what they said.They said run out of town,not run for Mayor.We don’t need someone in there who hasn’t been honest with the people of Linn County and we also don’t need someone in there who says they didn’t change political parties just so they could run for Mayor.

  7. Could someone please let me know if Councilperson Shey is running for re-election? We need him now more than ever. Who might replace his masterful contribution of Shakespear’s quotations which should be placed on the top of this City’s priority list.

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