The Gazette covers City Hall, now a flood-damaged icon on May's Island in the Cedar River

District police station at 1501 First Ave. SE may be ready in mid-June; chief says some contractors, suppliers want to donate for storefront renovation

In City Hall on May 8, 2009 at 10:18 am

At a budget meeting this week, the City Council learned that it will cost as much as $55,000 to renovate a vacant storefront at 1501 First Ave. SE as the Police Department turns the space into its first district station.

In the last few weeks, Police Chief Greg Graham noted that the building’s owner was providing the building rent-free, though he has noted that, among other items, the city needed to put in a first-floor bathroom as part of the renovation work.

Graham this week told the council that he was meeting with contractors and suppliers yet this week, and he said he still hoped to have the district station open and operating by mid-June.

The cost of the renovation may be less than expected, he noted, because he said some contractors and suppliers want to donate work and supplies.

The chief, who arrived from Ocala, Fla., on June 1, 2009, has wanted to open district police stations, and, in fact, has plans for two others.

But the move to open the one at 1501 First Ave. SE comes about six weeks now after police officer Tim Davis was assaulted and hospitalized while investigating a robbery just two blocks from the site of the new district police station. Three teenagers have been arrested in the matter. Davis returned home from the hospital on Thursday.

  1. This is going to be a great addition to our city.I’m also proud of the suppliers and contractors who want to donate supplies and services to get this place open.Just shows that the citizens of this city can work together to get something done.Having a substation in this area will hopefully cut down on alot of the crime around there.Chief Graham has some GREAT ideas,I just hope that our City Council and residents will back him on making these ideas a reality.

  2. It’s bound to help. I certainly hope that the companies donating time/services/material are named. Those are the types of companies I prefer to patronize.

  3. HI, all. I’ll be moving to CR this summer so I’ve been keeping track of happenings in town through various outlets. While this seems like a new and novel idea, and it may now just be necessary in CR, we’ve had this sort of neighborhood office in Sioux City for years. I believe they call it CAST — Community Action Support Team. It has worked wonders in the more crime-ridden areas of town and has kept other areas from deteriorating. One office not too far from my house is actually a small house that the PD rents and the officer has his own office setting where he spends part of his day, making himself available to the neighborhood folks. They even used to do some foot patrols around their offices which helped them interact with neighborhood kids especially. If there are naysayers regarding this in CR, please give it a chance — it works and it works well.

  4. Why won’t the PD make use of community resource offices they already pay into at Wellington House and Echo Hill Pres? They pay for these spaces but don’t use them, or at least to the extent they could be.

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