The Gazette covers City Hall, now a flood-damaged icon on May's Island in the Cedar River

FEMA will pay $5 million more to control climate in six empty, flood-damaged buildings; work readying on one so Montessori can return to GTC space

In City Hall, FEMA, Floods on May 12, 2009 at 5:50 pm

The Federal Emergency Management Agency will continue to pay to control the temperature and interior climate of six unoccupied, flood-damaged city buildings through at least November 30, 2009.

The cost to continue the climate-control contract from June 1 though Nov. 30 is $5,012,526.

Four companies bid for the contract, with Munters Corp. Moisture Control Services, Amesbury, Mass., submitting the “most responsive” bid, according to city staff memo to the City Council.

Munters Corp.’s bid says the job will require $1.43 million in equipment and staff and another $3.58 million for fuel.

The six city buildings in need of climate control are the Veterans Memorial Building/City Hall; library; Paramount Theatre; the first-floor of the Public Works Building; the Ground Transportation Center bus depot; and the GTC’s Montessori School space.

As for the latter, it appears the school is readying to return to the space.

The City Council is expected to approve a professional contract with Ament Inc. for design and construction administration services as the flood-damaged GTC school space is renovated. The work is expected to start in September and be complete in June 2010. Ament will receive up to $198,424 for its services.

  1. I walk buy these massive generators everyday, listening to the sound of our tax dollars burn fuel into electricity. I would think the city or FEMA or the EPA would step up and replace these generators with temporary electrical connections. While it was understandable to use generators for the first few months while electricians worked frantically to replace the electrical systems supporting inhabitable buildings, we’ve long passed the point where we could have installed temporary meters for this equipment. I’m sure it will be said, well FEMA is paying for it – but honestly, who puts money into FEMA’s ledger – we as taxpayers do. It would be nice if we could turn to our senators and point out a flaw in the FEMA funding and say, look we fixed this and saved $3.58 million over just 6 months, if for nothing else but to show that we are fiscally responsible.

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