The Gazette covers City Hall, now a flood-damaged icon on May's Island in the Cedar River

Linn’s Langston out as mayoral prospect; says she’s flattered she was asked; has plenty of fish to fry with county office and new national posts

In City Hall, Linda Langston, Linn County government on June 4, 2009 at 10:33 am

Linda Langston, Linn County supervisor, says she won’t run for the job of Cedar Rapids mayor.

A month ago, Langston acknowledged that some had urged her to make a mayoral run, a request she said on Thursday that she found flattering.

However, she said her strong interest in issues distinctively a purview of county government — mental health and development disabilities, for instance — have reminded her why she has pursued and won elective county office and why she wants to stay there.

Langston, a Democrat, said, too, that her party affiliation in a race against Ron Corbett, a former Republican state legislator, had the potential to make the local mayoral race overly partisan at a time when partisan politics should not be what the race, which is officially a non-partisan one, should be.

The city will have three or four good mayoral candidates, she said.

At the same time, just three weeks ago she assumed new national responsibilities as president of the National Democratic County Officials, a position that also places her as one of seven Iowans on the National Democratic Committee.

  1. Of course this has nothing to do with the fact that she wouldn’t have won or anything.. no no.. nor does it have anything to do with the Building/Trades council endorsing Ron Corbett (in a successful attempt to keep her out of the race maybe?)

    Linda, Linda, Linda. Enjoy the time you have left in office!

  2. I’m sure that the significant pay cut and diminished power base (becoming 1 vote out of 9) had NOTHING to do with her decision, either…

    Not that I wouldn’t make a similar decision strictly on the basis of a pay cut, of course…

  3. We just need to wait and see how many major Des Moines democratic money boys now come running to the Mayor Pro-Tem. Rumor is they will go big. And yes, it is now down to a two person race.

  4. This was the smartest decision she has ever made.I would have made the same decision,if I was thinking about running for office and had the Building Trades Council come out and endorse my opponent.I
    say,stay where you are Linda until the next election and then you can look for another job.Little by little,we are going to elect people who will work FOR the people.

  5. I’m now more worried about the fools who suggested she should run in the first place. Unless it was a well-placed suggestion by the opposition.

  6. You know,there have been instances where a person has stated that citizens have approached them about running for office,then you find out that this was all fabricated.Not saying it is,but this could be the case here.Anyway,she got smart and figured that she had no way of winning over Ron Corbett so she bugged out.This is good for us and Cedar Rapids.

  7. Prune dumplings all of you. Come on Jim, keep it positive about Ron, the rest will make their own case for us to not vote for them. You’ve been down at the Ave, you know how we work.

  8. Best news I’ve had in a LONG TIME!!!! Thank God!*

    * God is not a registered trademark and can still be legally used in the United States at this point in time

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