The Gazette covers City Hall, now a flood-damaged icon on May's Island in the Cedar River

Fast change in City Council agenda can’t conceal the thought that University of Iowa business manager ranks as front-runner for City Hall flood-recovery post

In City Hall on June 22, 2009 at 5:12 pm

George Hollins, the University of Iowa’s business manager who has worked on the university’s flood fighting and recovery, appears to be the front-runner to fill a new city of Cedar Rapids post, flood-recovery director.

Late Monday afternoon, City Hall released the weekly City Council agenda with agenda item #39 stating, “Resolution approving the appointment of George Hollins as flood recovery director.”

A short time later, City Hall released an amended agenda showing item #39 crossed out.

Conni Huber, the city’s human resources director, said late Monday afternoon that all four finalist candidates remain candidates for the job.

Thirty-one people applied for the new post, and a nine-member selection committee picked six to interview.

Greg Eyerly, the city’s utilities operations manager, Tom Watson, Palo’s flood-recovery manager, Sara Jones, an emergency management planner in New Jersey, and Hollins are the four who remain in the competition.

This City Hall flood-recovery job is unique for Cedar Rapids because of how it will be financed — the private sector will pay some of the cost — and because it was created at the urging of Rockwell Collins, the city’s largest employer.

Hollins was earning $116,400 in salary at the University of Iowa in the 2008 fiscal year.

  1. Why did they have it on the agenda that they were going to appoint Hollins,then the next thing is it gets crossed out.Then you have Huber stating that no decision has been made.Is this another example of the City Council blindsiding the citizens of Cedar Rapids?Why can’t they,City Council,start being honest with us and tell the truth about what is going on in our city.I see why Frank king got so upset when they blindsided him.
    It’s time we electe people to the City Council who are going to be honest with us,listen to what we have to say,and try to do something for all Cedar Rapidians,instead of just a select few.

  2. Perhaps instead of the Culture of Delay we should call this the Council of Lie and Lie some more

  3. No so fast Sir Rick, I think in the end we will see there was a process — and that process was followed and at the end of the day the best person for the job was choosen. The final canidates only got a golden wrapper on their Wonka bar, not the factory. Remember, is was Charlie that didn’t sell out the secrets of the Ever-Lasting-Gobb-Stopper and was faithful to the cause that Willy Wonka put his trust in — as should Cedar Rapids, specifically, it was the person that could lead people, is trustworthy, knows what it feels like to have the warm flood waters of the Cedar pressing against their chest and has their heart and soul into the job that needs to be done for our community, not the one that had the most to gain or was a career Bureaucrat…let’s see what this week brings…then you decide..

  4. Unique because the private sector will pay some of the bill? We pay all of the bill, and always have, and always will.

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