The Gazette covers City Hall, now a flood-damaged icon on May's Island in the Cedar River

Renovation getting closer for smaller flood-damaged venues; Ellis pool, trails, police locker room, Jones golf clubhouse and Third Avenue parkade

In City Hall, FEMA, Floods on June 23, 2009 at 11:31 am

Having just passed the one-year mark of the June 2008 flood, the city is getting closer to beginning work to renovate a few of its smaller flood-damaged facilities.

This week, the City Council will hold a public hearing to discuss renovation plans for the flood-damaged Jones Golf Course/Clubhouse. The estimated cost of the work is $292,000.

Also, the council will hold a public hearing on a $330,000 repair of flood damage to the Cedar River Trail, the Sac and Fox Trail, the Ellis Trail and the A Street levee.

In addition, the council will hold a similar public hearing on July 8 to discuss repair plans for the flood-damaged Ellis Park pool, the cost of which is estimated at $367,000.

A second public hearing on July 8 will address $400,000 in repairs to the flood-damaged locker room area of the Police Department.

Also on that date is a public hearing on repairs for the flood-damaged Third Avenue SE Parkade. Renovation is expected to cost $731,000.

Meanwhile, City Hall on Tuesday is holding the first of three open houses to obtain public input as it decides what to do with the city’s major flood-damaged buildings, including the Veterans Memorial Building/City Hall, the library, the bus depot and Paramount Theatre. Other open houses will follow on Aug. 18 and Oct. 6.

  1. Tuesdays’ meeting also has a pre-determined outcome so why bother?

  2. I park in the 3rd Avenue parkade — $731,000 to renovate it??? The elevators don’t work, the stairwells need maintenance they probably needed before the flood, but $731,000?

  3. Have to agree with Gus on this one,in fact all of the City Council meetings’ outcomes are pretty well pre-determined.Cedar Rapidians
    don’t appear to have any say on what happens in our city any more.It is time that we take back our city and make the council start working for,and with,us as we are paying their wages.November is fast approaching.

  4. Well Sue, that’s easy because the city is fluffing the numbers. Remembe FUZZY accounting? well, here in Cedar Rapids we have our own version. Claim everything is a loss- including computers on the top floors of city hall- then hire some high cost company out from out of state and give them your dream of a tajmahal. They will pump the numbers until they get big enough. Did you know that the City is now-wasn’t then’ carrying a million dollar insurance policy on the Grant Wood window. Hasn’t been repaired yet, but they upped the policy from 300,000 to 1 million- and now are paying the premium. I do believe we could have waited to increase the insurance on this window until AFTER it was repaired and reset. NOBODY at City Hall is able to do their JOB@! Culture of delay- time and time again

  5. Gus – When the premium for the Grant Woood Window gets paid on the Council’s consent agenda, does Casey Drew budget this as a capital improvement project also?

    Interesting what gets called capital improvement. I think according to GAAP they can do that in some cases, but you can bond for capital improvements, and maybe it’s even reimbursible by FEMA.

    My experience with the City staff causes my some concern and questions.

    “Take back this town, end this culture of delay”.

  6. Amen Gus!

  7. Not to change the format,but did any of you see the picture,and story,today regarding the Rompot residents?City Council members are in attendance,with big smiles on their faces and the residents are stating that the Council has done nothing and is doing nothing for them.That picture and story was worth a thousand words and tells you just what our city leaders are like.

  8. Well, 16th Ave, Casey Drew will put it under the capital improvement and then over charge the veteran’s commission. Like they do for everything else. City is corupt, plan simple and easy to see. From the mayor- her sleepyness right on down to the building inspectors. New city motto “City of Theives.”

  9. All forms goverments are corrupt. SAD but true.

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