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New era begins in Cedar Rapids transit: Forget ‘remanufactured;’ city buys four new buses; and, of course, they come with bike racks

In City Hall on July 6, 2009 at 8:01 pm

The city has added four brand-new buses to its bus fleet, a move that marks the city’s first purchase of new, heavy-duty, non-experimental buses in more than 20 years, reports Brad DeBrower, the city’s transit manager.

The four new buses replace ones built in 1978.

DeBrower’s predecessor was an advocate of “remanufactured” buses, which are used buses that are overhauled before being returned to the streets.

The city did launch a trial in 1996 with nine new experimental electric buses, but the venture never worked. The city unloaded the buses a year ago for salvage.

The four newly arriving buses each cost $322,000, 83 percent of the cost of which is being paid by the Federal Transit Administration.

The new buses will sport bicycle racks as do 85 percent of the city’s bus fleet.