The Gazette covers City Hall, now a flood-damaged icon on May's Island in the Cedar River


Rick Smith covers Cedar Rapids City Hall for The Gazette. 

  1. When we started talking about needing a change of City Government,
    it was with the intent of saving the taxpayers money.The more I look at what our present Council wants to do,and has done,the more I see that this is not working.
    It seems like all this council wants to do is spend money for someone to come in and do a study;hire an assistant for the City Manager;buy or build a new building for City Hall;the list goes on and on.Everything they want to spend money for they claim is to blame on the big flood.If Prosser feels that he is overworked,then send him on his way and get someone who can handle the job or the
    members of the Council should step in and help him more.Why can’t City Hall remain at the Veteran’s Building.That building may never get flooded out again.They laid off alot of city workers,supposedly
    to save money,but I don’t see where that has helped.They are worse than someone at a garage sale with their spend,spend attitude.
    November 3rd is the time to make some changes on the Council.We need someone in there who is going to work for the people and still
    help get the city back to where we were or better.We need to get someone on there who has experience in both City and State government.We need someone who will look at the “big picture”.One name comes to mind who is qualified to lead us and that is none other than Ron Corbett.Ron has the experience plus he truly cares about the citizens of Cedar Rapids and the city itself.
    I also see that there is still alot of bickering going on between the Council members.Kind of reminds me of when I was in school and all we did was argue with each other and still not get anything
    accomplished.Grow up people and start thinking about who voted you
    in and who is paying you to represent them,which you haven’t done
    very well so far.
    I have kept my nose out of City Government for a year now,but I am back and am going to do everything in my power to insure that ALL the people of Cedar Rapids get fair representation.My advise is
    look out City Hall because I am back and watching you closely.

  2. The events that occured last Sunday should be a wake up call to us all.We Do have crime and alot of criminal activity right here in Cedar Rapids and it’s not just in one quadrant.How much more are we,as citizens,going to take.Each and everyone of us need to contact the City Council and tell them that we don’rt care what it takes,we want our city back.STOP cutting the budget for the Police
    Department.If Chief Graham says he needs this or that,in order to help the cleanup,then by God give it to him.Finnd somewhere else to make cuts.
    During the last Administration,I came out against having the helicopter flying around.After,then Safety Commissioner Zahn,set
    me up with a “fly along”,I saw how valuable this piece of equipment
    was to the Police Department.The way things are going,I believe that we need it back in the air,no matter what it takes.We should be helping our Police Force instead of tying their hands behind them every time they request something that is going to aid in their safety and ours.
    Chief Graham is doing one heck of a job.Crpd Officers are doing one heck of a job.Now City Council,try to do at least a decent job and give them the money to get whatever extra manpower and/or equipment they need.

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